House Rules

We kindly ask you to respect these rules

  1. Please take care. This is a working farm. There are vehicles in the yard and it can be busy, especially on a Saturday.
  2. Please do not allow children outside unaccompanied.
    • For The Booley, there is a private, secure walled garden behind the bungalow, which you are very welcome to use. It has seating, a bbq and umbrella.
    • For The Stables, there is a private patio accessible from the living room. It has seating, a BBQ, a chimnea and umbrella.
  3. Please read, initial and date the ‘In Case of Fire Instructions’ in this book.
  4. Please, no noise after 11pm and strictly no parties.
  5. Parking: Please be considerate to other visitors both to the yard and future visitors to Ballykeel Farm.
    • Guests for The Booley should park in front of the Booley or near the backdoor of the farmhouse. Please remember the tractors need turning space.
    • Guests for The Stables should park in front of The Stables or alongside the barn opposite the door.
  6. Please report any breakages. It happens, don’t worry we have replacements.
  7. Please use the pot stands and coasters on the wooden furniture and kitchen counters.
  8. Please put coffee grounds in the compost bin.
  9. Please keep the keys safe and secure.
  10. Please turn off all appliances, lamps and the electric heater each night.
  11. Please do not let Chili, the cat, into the accommodationy. He is a farm cat and while very friendly and happy to be petted, can be a bit messy.
  12. Please leave the accommodation clean and tidy when you leave.
We hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable stay.